The most comfortable, hygienic, light, and stylish pair of socks you'll ever wear. Learn the advantages of wearing socks made of bamboo fiber and why it compares to no other.

What's Good About Bamboo?

  Super Comfortable and Hypoallergenic

Super comfortable (twice as soft as cotton) and perfect for sensitive skin as the eco-friendly bamboo fibers are gentler than most synthetically created fibers.

  Antibacterial Fighting Properties

Feel confident when you put on a pair of Spiffy Socks. Our odorless socks are crafted with natural antibacterial bamboo fibers that wick away moisture and eliminate odor-creating bacteria.

  Thermo-regulating Abilities

Warms comfortably on the cold days but stays cool when it’s hot. The fabric helps reduce moisture thanks to the hollow structure of the fibers which makes it super-absorbent.

  Shock and Wrinkle Protection

Like a trusty cape, Spiffy Socks are naturally durable and never require any type of ironing. Nor should they give you a shock every so often.

How It Works

    1. Choose your subscription

    Order month-to-month or go for the entire year and save! Our socks fit men's shoe size 6-12.5 and women's shoe size 5-10.

    2. Get it delivered

    A fresh pair of bamboo socks gets shipped out on the 22nd of every month. It’s so great, you’ll think it's magic!

    3. Spiff up every month

    Once your new pair shows up at your door, get ready to show off your new socks. They're bold and amazing.

Spiffy Socks. The Superhero Among All Socks.

We’re on a mission to bring our superhero socks to every shoe  wearer in the world. Our socks will ward off evil odor-creating monsters  so you won't be embarrassed when you kick off your shoes. And if you  encounter either scorching heat or a brisk autumn, you’ll know your  socks will always be there snug on your feet. The best part? A fresh new  pair of Spiffy Socks will be delivered to your doorstep every month. So  when was the last time you were excited about a pair of socks? Power up  your feet with Spiffy Socks today.

What Others Are Saying

The best part? It's made from a renewable resource.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and renewable resources on  the planet. It is a type of grass that grows from its roots, and when it  is cut it quickly grows back within 3-5 years. They are grown without  pesticides or chemical fertilizers and require no irrigation. It's a  super material that allows us to produce high-quality bamboo products in  an eco-conscious manner.