Important Gifting Information

New Gift Orders: New orders will ship out around the 22nd of each month (excluding holidays). Your gift message will be sent out once the initial box has been shipped. If you'd like to change the date of initial sock box (or prefer an earlier date), email us at If you don't want to send out a gift notification, please fill out the gift recipient's email address with your email address instead. Due to COVID-19, we cannot guarantee the time it takes for packages to arrive. If you'd like to receive your box earlier to give the initial gift in person, we suggest ordering earlier and do not add a gift recipient email address for our email gift notification system.

1. Pick A Size
Choose from Men's (fits size 6-12) or Women's (fits size 5-10). Our bamboo fiber sock subscription fits super comfortably and make a wonderful gift.
2. Pick A Term
Choose from month to month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. If it is a gift, your gift message will go out the same time your socks are shipped. Please contact us if you would like a different shipment date.

3. Send A Gift Message
Personalize a gift message and we'll send it out on the day it ships (usually on the 22nd of each month unless it's a holiday). Don't want to send a gift message? Don't include the gift recipient's email address.

Discover Bamboo Socks

Want to experience awesome? Our SpiffySocks are lightweight and twice as soft as cotton. They are crafted with natural antibacterial bamboo fibers (75% bamboo and 25% microfiber) that wick away moisture and protect better against odor-creating bacteria. The fabric helps reduce moisture thanks to the hollow structure of the fibers which makes it super-absorbent. Fits men's shoe sizes 6-12.5 and women's shoe sizes 5-10. Extra large sizes are coming soon!

Introducing Fiber IntelliWeave Technology - A Weave Above

Our new and improved weaving process combines both comfort and strength to our bamboo socks so they feel softer but last even longer. We do this by combining a high quality bamboo yarn with an engineering technique that will provide you comfort and performance like never before. The enhanced fibers will naturally wick away moisture better and eliminate odor-creating bacteria so you can rock it in your socks all day.

Build An Awesome Sock Collection

Take a look at your sock drawer and try to remember the last time you bought a new pair. Are the colors faded? Are holes starting to form under the base? The best thing about our subscription box is you'll never have this problem again. Get a brand new pair of socks every month with all the benefits that comes with bamboo. Say goodbye to holey socks, faded colors, and funky smells.

How It Works

1. Choose your subscription

Order month-to-month or go for the entire year and save! Spiffy Socks also makes the perfect gift as well.

2. Get it delivered

A fresh pair of bamboo socks gets shipped out on the 22nd of every month. It’s so great, you’ll think it's magic!

3. Spiff up every month

Once your new pair shows up at your door, get ready to show off your new socks. They're bold and amazing.